who are we ?


INSeMIA has evolved and has become its SA SCOP  INSEMIA


INSeMIA's history

Already 30 years of expertise ! The company was created in ETEL in the Morbihan in 1986 by Mr GUY MARLOT . First, it was exclusively dedicated to the artificial insemination of female turckeys.

Since 1996, and then since 2000, Insemia has diversified its activity and has integrated successively female ducks and hens to the services it offers. The know-how of insemia has had a major place in the reproductive poultry-farming process whose market has been benefiting from a tremendous development for the last three decades. Indeed, poultry production and consumption have know a real rise and the mastery of the production of the various species has thus constituted a strategic issue for the food-processing industry. The quality of the links that we have established with our customers has also brought the company to offer some complementary technical services to meet demands.

Since 2015, Insemia has chosen to evolve towards an innovative organization, that of the S.C.O.P (Cooperative worker production company). Employees have become actors in the company, wich develops team spirit and responsability for all and each.

Today, Insemia S.C.O.P achieves 19 million inseminations per year


our values 


SOLIDARITY : to our customers thanks to our ability to be always present, to adapt ourselves to their production cycles and to their new working environments

COMMUNITY : thanks to our company’s participative management throught a board of directors constituted of our employees-partners.

DARING : by giving a vote to each one in the decision-making processes (investments,election of the board of directors, etc…)

SHARING : by a redistribution of the S.C.O.P’s financial results every year